Sunday morning, Kuan and Brum (church members) along with their daughter and son attended church. They haven’t been here in several weeks.

Sunday morning Brads said they met the daughter leaving as they were walking in to church, but she came back later. Brad preached and said he noticed she just sat and didn’t stand with the others. He felt in his spirit something was wrong.

After church Brum said her daughter wants us to pray for her. Dad asked what she wants us to pray for. She said she has bad dreams with people having bloody faces, sometimes people beheaded. At times a black form holds her legs and she can’t get away. She tried calling her brother but couldn’t wake him. Dad said often people know when a demon or spirit takes hold.

She said she had sworn to an idol at Angkor Watt but had sacrificed to take the oath back. Dad explained that only God can remove those strongholds. Sacrificing just takes us in deeper. They explained the two kingdoms and how Satan, given a crack of our hearts door barges in and takes control, God is a gentleman and knocks for entrance and comes in by invitation.

They asked her if she wants to accept Jesus? She said she doesn’t understand enough. They didn’t feel that they should ask a demon to leave if she doesn’t want to have God fill her. So we prayed that she could understand, as we started to pray she started to shake uncontrollably, Her head would fall back this went for what seemed like 5 minutes..? They again asked her, does she want to ask God into her heart. She nodded Yes. When they asked her to call out to Jesus, she said she wasn’t able to. They started praying over her, telling the spirit to leave in Jesus’ name. After a bit her body stopped shaking, calm. She opened her eyes and she asked Jesus to fill her heart!

She wanted us to go to her house in the afternoon and help her clean her house of the Buddhist shrines etc… We got there and they had made food for us, so we all sat down and ate together. Then we went up to her bedroom and she gathered together all her incense, and things related to Buddhism. Then she told us some about the times that the spirit came into her room. She asked us to pray that any spirits that are in the house would have to leave. We prayed over her, her parents, and her house. Then we brought down all the stuff to burn.

After we started burning it we all sang “I have decided to follow Jesus”. She said she was happy. She asked us to pray over her car as well, she said the spirits had been in the car and she’d feel safer driving it if it would be prayed over. We prayed for her one last time before leaving. She told me today that she slept so well last night. No disturbances or bad dreams bothered her.

Some specific prayer requests we have regarding this situation;
1. Praise God for His Love, power and Goodness, for answering our prayers!
2. Pray that she could go all the way with God, especially for strength, in the next several weeks. Prayers are appreciated!

Prayers are appreciated!

Heather for the Helmuth’s