Visitors in the Night

We’ve been loving having Luke and his girlfriend Stephanie visit! I’ll write more details some other time… Right now, I want to tell you a story!

It was around 11 when I had crawled into bed. I heard a girly laugh downstairs! I figured something hit the boys really funny! I pulled out the phone to ask them what was funny… then there was a great ruckus outside our door. Carissa jumped out of bed to see what it was! It was something we would never have guessed! Lori and Cordell!They surprised us all! None of us knew they were coming! Lori only told James’, they picked them up at the airport and brought them home. Once we were in our bedroom again, Alaina cried happy tears!

They’re only here for 6 days, but we will enjoy it as best we can! It’s good to be all together as a family again!

Until next time… Heather for the Helmuths