Our life in pictures

So, since it’s been so long since y’all have had an update. I’ll share pictures from the highlights of the past couple months.

We went out to prelinging for a house raising party for Chuen and Sokna, a couple from our church. The one roundabout on the way out was full of flowers. It being in Asia, we had to stop to take pictures=) aren’t the children adorable though?!

He learned a little English while with us…❤️
A week or so after they were here, he started saying random sounds strung together. He acted like we should understand him. He said he was trying to talk like Forrest. He picked up really fast! I taught him to say “thank you ma’am” and the kids taught him “ariba”.
The old school building turned house. The top part is our living quarters and the bottom is a school room, SALT office and literature book room.
Also, one random picture of some beautifully wrapped, artisan chocolate. Only two ingredients, Cacao beans and cane sugar. I discovered a place here in town that makes their chocolate bean-to-bar. You can go and watch the whole process, and they even let you sample all their flavours at the end!

Hope y’all enjoyed the pictures.

~Heather for the Helmuth’s~