Home at Last!

Here is the last of furlough videos. This whole last part of furlough, as you know, was unexpected! We were going to leave on the 9th of September. But to get back home you have to have a negative Covid test within 72 hours of when you arrive! Our results came back positive! So we had a mandatory extra couple weeks of furlough! We quarantined with my uncles because we had been with them a lot beforehand and we didn’t have anywhere else that we could go…

Everything ended up working out! Our symptoms weren’t bad at all, so we tried to help Roger’s as much as we could! After quarantine we were there for a week. We did a decent amount then! Luke and steph came down for a couple days! Tony and Alex took us to do numerous things just for the fun of it! We watched home videos in the evening. And enjoyed the lovely fall weather! However I must say I was very ready to be home, to have a schedule everyday, and have a house to call our own! I’m glad to be back!

~Heather for the Helmuths~

The Wedding

Hello to all! Here is the next video. Sorry, I didn’t have many pics of when we were in SC, but it was definitely a highlight for me! I got to hang out with some friends from the area, and we did a lot with the family! It was relaxing for the most part!

Anyway, I think one more video should wrap up furlough! If you like the videos, with more pictures and videos let me know! I am thinking that I might keep putting videos together. It’s easier for me and I enjoy doing videos a lot more! Plus in my opinion, videos give you a lot better feel of what it’s like here! I don’t know for sure yet, we’ll see!

~Heather for the Helmuth’s~

It’s Been a While!

Hey everyone! I know its been a long time since I’ve written on here! The last time I did, we were getting ready to go to the states! We have been back for about a month, and out of quarantine for two weeks! Life has definitely been interesting since we’re back! But more about that later!

Writing about furlough and the wedding looked really big to me, so I kept putting it off! Finally I decided that instead of trying to catch up from all the way back in July, I’d just put together a lot of the pics and videos that I took and make a video with them. You’ll see more pics that way! And it’ll be easier and more enjoyable for me!

I’ve put together a few already, so I’ll link those for y’all now. And I’ll post the rest as I get the them done!

Until next time!

~Heather for the Helmuth’s~