The Wedding

Hello to all! Here is the next video. Sorry, I didn’t have many pics of when we were in SC, but it was definitely a highlight for me! I got to hang out with some friends from the area, and we did a lot with the family! It was relaxing for the most part!

Anyway, I think one more video should wrap up furlough! If you like the videos, with more pictures and videos let me know! I am thinking that I might keep putting videos together. It’s easier for me and I enjoy doing videos a lot more! Plus in my opinion, videos give you a lot better feel of what it’s like here! I don’t know for sure yet, we’ll see!

~Heather for the Helmuth’s~

3 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. I enjoyed the videos and may comment that the player settings were a little fast; I didn’t have time to read the script on them or stop the player to look at the folk on any specific picture (if you do pause it, the picture goes dark and isn’t viewable). If you could change the settings so we could pause and still read and see, that would be great.

    Y’all’s letters are always super interesting and I’ll never vote them out, but I enjoy the slide show as well. Your family has done well in communicating! God bless y’all!

    • Hi Lois! I’m sorry it was too fast! I don’t know why it didn’t let you see it if you paused it… I’ll try and make it slower next time! And thanks for the input! I appreciate it. And I will keep doing the blog, but I didn’t know if people would enjoy the videos as well or not : ) Thank you for your support and encouragement for our family!

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