Catching Up

It’s almost half way through 2019 already!!! I had half of a post sitting, waiting to be finished a month ago… but I never got around to finishing it. So I’ll start all over.

Alot has happened since my last post so i’ll just skim through and pull out the highlights.

  • The 22nd of March was Alaina’s 6th birthdayIMG_8153
  • Chum’s had a beautiful baby girl.
  • I started having class with Frank’s sister, principle of the Vessvan school, to learn to read and write khmer.
  • Dad was on the way back to a village and he saw some people skinning a huge snake. He stopped to watch, turns out it was a king cobra! Dad thinks it was close to 12 ft. long. They said it was going into it’s hole and one of their dogs came and killed it from behind.
  • We were planning on eating out, but some of us didn’t feel good, and the electricity was off all day so mom and dad went and got food to bring home. We decided to surprise mom, since she was looking forward to eating out, and set tables up really nicely up top and ate up there.
  • The humidity and heat has been really high the last few months, and it’s always in the hot season that they decide to turn the electricity off everywhere, all day long.    ( I don’t know if this belongs in the highlights or not!)
  • We had an IGO team of three guys here for a little over a week. Their names were Austin, Dallas,and Brian!


    Left to right: Austin, Austin, Ryan, Brian, Dallas, and Dallas!!!

  • the IGO team gave us some money and dad & mom decided to get a small pool for the children.
  • James’s , their daughter and granddaughter , and Steve and his son, were here for a couple weeks. Alaina and Forrest both enjoyed having kids to play with!
  • Three people were baptized, and one became a member of the church.
  • I was teaching Alaina one day. She had a picture of a van, and two words to read and circle the matching one. She read the first word, J-E-T, so she knew it wasn’t that one. But I made her read the second word. She looks at it and sounds it out. She sounds out “V-A-N” but then reads it “CAR” and starts going on to the next question. I stop her and tell her to read it again. She sounds out “V-A-N” again and this time thinks a little bit longer then exclaims “VISTO!” (Visto is a kind of car) I get her to read it a third time, and she finally thinks about the sounds and reads it “VAN”
  • We had a ladies seminar while James’s were here.
  • Dallas’s birthday was on the 9th
  • I made lasagna for mothers day lunch.
  • It rained this weekend, and cooled everything down beautifully!

And that brings us up to today. We’re loving the cooler weather today! The boys have half of this week off because of the king’s birthday. So we’re planning on going up to battambang to see the bamboo train up there and visit some friends… So that should be fun.

Here are some of my favorite pics that I’ve taken recently…


I think she is one of THE cutest kids around…


She hasn’t quite mastered the peace sign yet!


Isn’t she adorable?


Best friends, well…when there’s a camera around anyhow!


Well, Until next time.

Heather for the Helmuths.


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