Of Friends and Family…

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the last part of February! Not long ago we were saying” Wow! It’s already the middle of January!” Now January’s been and gone and it’s almost March!
We’ve had 5 sets of visitors since January, My grandparents, Dad’s Cousin Justin, Jon and Veasna Gingerich, along with his mom, and later his dad and brother Ken, and Eli Mast Jr. and his wife! The Gingrich’s didn’t stay with us, but were in the area.
Jon’s and his mom, Eva, arrived on the 19th. Veasna’s family loved having Veasna back and seeing their adorable baby girl for the first time.
Granddads got here on the 22nd. They really enjoyed going out to different villages and tasting new foods. Dad’s cousin, Justin got here Feb.5. That Sat. most of the family went out to the silk farm and the baray. Freda was adventurous and tasted a silk worm! The next day was Sunday and we ate lunch out at the pavilion with the Khmer people after church.
Some of the boys went out way back in the sticks for the night so they could get a head start on drilling a well and make it back before nightfall. They came back that evening with a blue crested iguana! We kept it for a couple days then let it go again.


Isn’t it beautiful?

The time that our visitors was here went WAY too fast. Before we knew it, it was the 12th and grandads last day here. I think they were both ready to get back to the cold weather! Eli Mast Jr.’s came the night after Granddad’s left. Jon’s and Larry’s left on the 14th. Justin and Eli’s left Fri. the 15th.

Dad studied for his message on Friday so that we could do something as a family on Saturday. After sitting around half of the morning not knowing what to do we decided just to go putt putting. We literally ran around the house getting it cleaned up for company that evening. We had Chhom’s brother Chhun and his wife Sokna, Chhom’s parents, and one of Chhom’s nephews over for supper.
The nest week was pretty much just getting back to the normal grind of things.
At home we usually made donuts when it snowed, but here we usually do it when it gets ‘cold’. It didn’t really get cold this year, but we made them anyway.
Yesterday morning we had the first rain of the year. It didn’t rain much, but it rained. There’s something about the first rain of the year… it smells amazing, and everything seems fresher and greener. It was a little cooler too. We’ve been having some hot weather the last couple weeks!

And that brings us up to the present. That’s all for this time…

Heather for the Helmuths

IMG_0962 Downsized

1 thought on “Of Friends and Family…

  1. Hey, just found one of your newsletters and your blog. So excited to hear news from your part of the world. Greetings to your parents. And glad to be a part of your Torch of Truth in Khmer. Blessings.
    Duane Nisly and cousin Rurh

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