God’s marvelous power!

I would like for you to meet Sophat (pronounced Sopat), a Single mom of 5. A sister-in-law to Sokhum and a member of our church. A few years ago her husband left, burned down the house, and later divorced her. After he left she was left alone to care for her children.

Earlier this year it was confirmed that Sophat has breast cancer.
With the money she made from her job as a hair and makeup stylist for weddings, and cleaning a house occasionally, she tried to keep her head above the water. But with payments for her medical bills, food and children’s schooling, she was unable to make ends meet. Finally she had no choice left but to ask for help from the church. She was unable to hold back the tears as she asked for financial assistance… the church said they would be happy to help with expenses. After church, Dad asked her to go home and read James 5, where it talks about anointing.

The next time she saw dad she told him she wanted to be anointed. So that Wednesday, Dad, Mom, Sen, Frank, and his wife went to Sophats house. Dad explained that the oil itself does not have any special power, but it obedience to God’s word and asking for healing, but we want however God can receive the most glory. If he chooses not to heal her we still want to be faithful in the sickness, and if He chooses to heal her, God alone gets the glory! They then anointed her and prayed for her.

A couple days later Her Brother-in-law called dad. “Oh papa, I have the nice story for you today! Today Sophat went to the doctor for her appointment. The doctor said he just doesn’t understand it! The cancer was there, but now it’s not!!!THE CANCER IS GONE!!!” “Praise to the Lord!” Sophat’s mother is a staunch Buddhist and wanted nothing to do with Christianity, since Sophats healing she has been more open to Christianity!!!
God’s power never fails to astonish us!

3 thoughts on “God’s marvelous power!

  1. That is such a beautiful story, Heather! Your dad told me about it when we were together in Tennessee, but I loved being reminded about it.

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