Doing things yourself!!

Recently life has been pretty busy, but in the midst of all the business you still have the normal things that you have to do. You also find some things to do that aren’t so common like making coconut oil. Making the oil is fairly simple, but it does take some time. First you have to take the shell off the coconut so that you can cut it open. Doing it to one doesn’t take very long, but if you have a pile of 40 coconuts you are definitely really glad for everybody that is helping.

Geting the peal of so you can crack open the shell.

Getting the peal of so you can crack open the shell.

After you have  pealed the coconut you need to cut it open and pry the meat from the shell. We had  15 kilo of just coconut meat from the forty coconuts.

This is only a little bit of the meat that we had.

This is only a little bit of the meat that we had.

Next you need to blend the coconut adding enough water to get it to grind it easily.

IMG_0288 Downsized

When you strain this it gives you the coconut milk.

IMG_0253 Downsized

IMG_0256 Downsized

IMG_0264 Downsized

Once you have the coconut milk you let it set over night for the cream to separate.

IMG_0351 Downsized

You can see the cream on the top.

Then you take a dipper and scoop the cream off the top.

IMG_0356 Downsized

Next you cook it, and that’s about all there is to it…while it is simple to do it is time consuming.

The brown stuff you need to strain out of the oil when it cools.

The brown stuff you need to strain out of the oil when it cools.

Another thing that we have been wishing for ever since we came was a better grill something that will put the smoke flavor in the meat like our green egg at home used to. Well Dad got the bright idea of making one himself. He bought two cement flower pots, and made a tray for the fire in the bottom. He needed it raised off of the bottom of the pot so the air could get under the fire so he made a form with sand and put the cement in this.

He put cement over the sand.

He put cement over the sand.

IMG_0906 Downsized

He cut a hole in the side of the pot and put a metal slide over it to control airflow/temperature, and cemented a can over a hole in the top for a chimney this also helps with controlling the temperature. Right at first we had problems opening the lid since there are no hinges on it but soon we rigged up a pulley system so all you have to do is pull the rope and the lid comes up. While this might not all make sense to you, I’m sure you would agree that the meat that comes off of it is delicious and that is what is important.IMG_2015 Downsized

IMG_2001 Downsized

Another thing that we’ve been having to do for ourselves is getting the truck unstuck…Usually it’s not to bad but sometimes it takes quit a bit of digging and pushing before it will come unstuck.

IMG_1881 Downsized

Don’t think it’s going anywhere:(

IMG_1947 Downsized

Hey!! It came unstuck:)

No matter how much stuff like this we do for ourselves it is still not even close to what the natives do…Take planting rice for example. First they till the ground and spread the rice fairly thick across the field. Then they go pull the rice all out and tie it in small bundles. Next they poke holes in the ground at even spaces, and poke two or three plants in each hole. A very time consuming process if you do it by yourself.

The rice was pulled out and tied in bundles.

The rice was pulled out and tied in bundles.

IMG_9381 Downsized IMG_9394 Downsized

Recently we had a team come down from IGO for a week and a half. They helped us out with various jobs. They did some teaching, helped clean up a soccer field, put water sealer on desks, passed out some 25 Bible Story books. It was a lot of fun having them around, not just because they helped with the work either!!

The IGO Team

The IGO Team

IMG_1132 Downsized

IMG_0378 Downsized

IMG_1355 Downsized

Passing out Bible Story Books.

IMG_1362 Downsized

Busy reading the new book.

IMG_1400 Downsized

It’s a lot of fun to watch the children come running to get a book.

IMG_1859 Downsized

IMG_1862 Downsized

Playing soccer on the freshly cleaned field.

Forrest started kindergarden and is learning how to read. He is loving it.

IMG_0734 Downsized

First day of school!

Franks little girl is growing up, and it seems like she gets cuter every day. To the girls chagrin and us boys’ delight she definitely prefers us boys.

IMG_9149 downsized IMG_0826

The rest are just pictures that I thought you might enjoy.

IMG_1705 Edited Downsized IMG_9090 Downsized

IMG_1524 Downsized

Orchids on the porch upstairs.

IMG_0806 Downsized

IMG_1668 Downsized IMG_1682 Downsized

IMG_0962 Downsized IMG_1950 Downsized IMG_9869 Downsized

3 thoughts on “Doing things yourself!!

  1. God bless yo in your work in Cambodia. I want to become a supporter of your work. Please let me know how I can do so.

  2. The coconut oil info was quite interesting. How much oil did you get from the 40 coconuts? I made a batch of soap today and used 80 ounces of coconut oil. Also for one kind of soap I blended lemongrass, orange, and coriander for the scent and swirled with lemongrass powder I got when we were in Cambodia. I hope it stays green in the soap. Thanks for posting.

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