Work, Dragon Fruit, Butterflies!

The past month has been really busy, but not with very blogworthy stuff. That’s what I thought until I downloaded pictures from my camera onto the computer…

One of the things that we did was put pavers down out at the Veasvan school. Because it is rainy season here the water level is only a little more than a foot under the ground there. As you can imagine, that makes the ground very soft. It was soft enough that the desks were sinking when you sat on them making it very difficult to teach.

First you make a retaining wall for the sand.

First you make a retaining wall to hold in the sand.

Then you shovel in 4-6 inches of sand. Level it out and pack it.

Then you shovel in 4-6 inches of sand. Level it out and pack it.

It took two truckloads of pavers.

It took two truckloads of pavers.

IMG_2279 Downsized

Next you  put the pavers down…easier said than done:)

Day's after we started, and it's almost finished...

Day’s after we started, and it’s almost finished…

Another thing we did was get a dragon fruit plant. While you can buy dragon fruit at the market, it is not near as good as the fruit that is picked when it is ripe. So we decided to buy a plant and hopefully next year we will have fruit from our own plant. At first we thought it would be easy to get the plant out, but it wasn’t. The plants have briers on them so it took four people to carry out one plant…It was enough work that we decided only to buy one of the 5 plants we were going to buy!

Digging out the plant.

Digging out the plant.

Almost ready to carry out.

Almost ready to carry out.

Dragon fly that was sitting on the Dragon fruit plant...

Dragon fly that was sitting on the Dragon fruit plant…

IMG_2305 Downsized

This past Saturday we decided to go to a butterfly farm. I was disappointed that there weren’t more kinds of butterflies, but they had some very interesting flowers…Either way we had a lot of fun. On the way home we stopped at a little stand and bought a bunch of dragon fruit. Alaina especially seemed to think that they were delicious:)

IMG_2466 Downsized IMG_2486 IMG_2500 Downsized IMG_2562 Downsized IMG_2584 Downsized IMG_2572 Downsized IMG_2602 Downsized IMG_2589 Downsized IMG_2641 Downsized

IMG_2706 Downsized

IMG_2629 Downsized IMG_2699 Downsized IMG_2658 Downsized

These two women were making these “candles” for a ceremony the monks were going to give for an old man that was sick and they thought was going to die. IMG_2334 Downsized IMG_2337 Downsized

IMG_2356 Downsized

Two sisters sharing icecream…

Well that’s all for this month…Luke for the Helmuths

3 thoughts on “Work, Dragon Fruit, Butterflies!

  1. Desks sinking…. quite a different challenge from classes here in the U.S.! The new floor is beautiful, and I bet the students will like that.
    I wish I could taste the fresh Dragon fruit. I love all the pictures, especially the ones of Alaina. I like seeing the people I love up close. 🙂 The pictures of the Khmer people really help bring your world to us. Thanks for writing! 🙂

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