This past month a Miracle happened in direct answer to Frank’s prayer. Before you hear the story, you will need a little bit of back ground on him and his family so that you will fully appreciate it.

Frank is the only Believer in his family. He has four siblings. His oldest sister is the principle where we started out teaching school. We moved our English classes away from the school, because they needed the classroom we were using and we were not allowed to sing Christian songs there as it was a public school. We have felt that his sister has always been watching us to see what Christians are really like, at one time she started coming to church, but soon stopped because of the distance. His mom had attended church long time ago, but the pastor in her church was unfaithful, and did some things that later everybody in the church found out about, because of this his mom decided that if that was what Christians were like she wanted nothing to do with them. In the last few years however she has been watching our family and also Matt’s family, and now she says that she knows Christianity is a good thing, but she is to old to change. However she would like her children and grandchildren to become Christians.

In the past couple of months Frank’s mom has been struggling colon cancer, but there wasn’t much the doctors could do. This past month it was steadily getting worse. Thursday night she was vomiting and having some trouble breathing, so they took her to a hospital  here in Seim Reap. This hospital was known to be good and very cheap, but when they got there they found out that since a lot of foreigners had started going to that hospital they had raised the prices so much that they could no longer afford to keep her there for long. The doctors recommended a hospital in Phnom Penh, which is a 7 hour bus ride away. Since there was nothing more they could do for her that night they took her home, then on Friday Frank’s older sister took her to Phnom Penh. When they got in Phnom Penh the doctors started to do some testing ect. Since we found out that she had colon cancer our church here has been praying for her and the family. Our main prayer was that through her sickness she and the rest of the family could come to know God.

The next day was Saturday. It was very hot with an intense sunshine, as there were no clouds in the sky. This type of weather is very unusual in the rainy season. Frank was scared that if he didn’t water all his plants and his rice field they would die, so around ten o’clock he went out to get them watered. He started spraying water on his rice fields, but almost as soon as the water hit the ground it all dried up again.

While he was busy with this his sister called with some bad news. The doctors said there was probably very little they could do for her. If she got strong enough they could do surgery, but she was going to need more blood to regain her strength. The hospital had blood to give her, but there policy on this was that if they gave a patient blood they needed somebody else to give blood in return. So Frank, his brother, and Chhom needed to go down to Phnom Penh right away to give blood. When Frank heard that there his heart sank. He knew that he couldn’t go right away because he needed to finish watering the plants or they would die, and there was no one else around to do the watering. When he was feeling discouraged about this he thought about God, so he started praying. He prayed that God would help her because the doctor said that they couldn’t do anything for her until she got her strength back. He also asked God that if he heard him he would send rain to show him. Up to this point there was still no clouds in the sky, but around 12 o’clock it started dumping rain. Since it was raining, he no longer needed to water the plants, and could get ready to go to Phnom Penh right away.

Later, he told his some of his family and they all agreed that it was God that had made it rained.

Frank’s mom did regain enough strength to do surgery, and is recovering from that.

I have two prayer requests to go along with this. The first one is that Frank’s family could become Christians through this, and the other that his mom could be healed.


2 thoughts on “MIRACLES

  1. Thank you, Luke, for sharing this and yes, we will pray for salvation for Frank’s family and for healing for his mother.

    Blessings to you,

  2. Wow, how encouraging to have an answer to prayer like that! we will be praying for Frank, his mother & family & also for you as you are in contact with them.
    Love yall, Lois

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