A Quick Update

Things have been moving right along since May. There was a bit of a boring stretch where i forgot all about the blog before that, but all of a sudden it was so full that i didn’t have time to write on the blog when i did think about it.

First of all, my cousin Tony came for four days. He was in Asia for a mission trip and extended his stay a bit to come see us:) We had fun showing him what we do around here and take him to some of the local tourist attractions.IMG_7914-1IMG_7922-1IMG_8086-1IMG_8127-1IMG_8201-1

Two days after Tony got here, an IGO group came through and they taught both mine and Jody’s classes for a couple days. That was especially nice over the time that Tony was here so we had free time to hang out with him. The one big project we did with the IGO group was add a kitchen to Sen’s house.


If you don’t have a ladder use a table!


We took turns cutting so Matt doesn’t get all the credit! 😉

Before Tony left, we took him and the IGO group rat hunting. This time we went on land instead of out on the lake. It was roughly the same area as we went before, but the lake has gone down so much that the area was dry. Well kind of…It had rained the day before we went and it was very muddy. Those of us wearing flip flops had a hard time of it. You could only go so far before you had to stop and get the mud off the bottom. It was still a lot of fun tramping all over the fields. At first we found a lot of half wild buffalo, a few snakes and only a few rats, but around midnight while we were driving home we saw rats run across the road. If the rat was close enough, we jumped off the truck and chased it down. This was a lot more exciting. We continued this plan of attack until the rain chased us home.

Soon after IGO left, Mom and Dad went back to US for a week and a half. Dad needed to go to some Salt meetings with CAM, and some of Mom’s sisters took the opportunity come up and see her. All of us children stayed home, it went surprisingly well actually. I was especially thankful that Jody was around. She did a lions share of the work that mom usually does.

While Mom and Dad were in US, Jasmine left to go back to Canada on the 5th. The sad part is that there are no definite return plans. Before she left, we had some really good times like playing hide and go seek throughout the compound with all the lights out. There are some really good hiding spots around. The last round we played Dallas was it and us boys hid for 45 min before we let him find us, and he had a light to look with.

Mom and Dad made it back on the 9th, then on the 13th Matts family left to live back stateside for at least a year…So needless to say things are really changing around here. The fewer staff means that the jobs get spread to different people making things busier, but honestly it’s not as bad as i thought it would be. Maybe I’ll be singing a different tune on sunday when it is only our family, Micheals, and Veasna around. Then we will really miss everybody that left.



They say a picture is worth a thousand words well this look says it all. 😦

Well like I said this was just a quick update so until next time Luke for the Helmuths.

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