In early January  some of the ALAM Board were here for their yearly trip…The time they are here is usually filled with Meetings Meetings and more Meetings. This year James Mullet and Matthew Miller along with their wives were the board members that came over. While there was quite a few meetings while they were here, we also had a lot of fun with them.


Matthew and Anna Miller…Their first time back after 5 years.


James and Ruth Mullet…James comes over here yearly, but it was Ruth’s first time. This is a pretty good representation of meal times for all the board. They had a good time “documenting” the trip.

One day that was especially interesting we rented a van for the day and 16 of us went up close to Battambong for the day. We went to a public school to meet with the principal about giving out christian literature there. We also went and visited an orphanage and gave them Bible Story books and some candy. I was having so much fun playing with the children that I didn’t take a single picture:) The board also went around with us just observing “normal” life. It was fun having them around.

In early February Vernons came for two weeks. It didn’t seem like we did all that much, but looking back we sure got a lot packed into the short time that they were here.



We cleared a lot of brush by hand while they were here.



Dallas teaching Jared the ins and outs of throwing a cast net…Jared caught one first cast:)


We took them to a couple of the tourist attractions around town. Angkor Wat Temple, a silk farm, and some out of the way craft shops were highlights as far as usual tourist things. It was the first time that most of our family had been to Angkor Wat. While the structures are amazing especially considering that it was all done by hand, the best part of the day was just hanging out with family.


Angkor Watt





One evening we took them to the mountain.


These two did almost everything together.


Jody has been around long enough that she is definitely rubbing off on Alaina…Notice that both have hot tea.

All too soon it was time to tell most of them good bye, Jeanna stayed for another week. We managed to squeeze a day long moto trip around some mountains, and a trip to Phnom Phen out of that week, both of which were a lot of fun.



We past a lot of cassava farms. On the left you can see some people cutting the cassavas up to dry then on the right they are spreading them out to dry.


There were many of these trucking stations for the cassava.


A few days after Jeanna left, Ryan, Austin, and I went on a 6 day moto trip along with 5 other guys. We toured the North Eastern part of Cambodia and also spent 2 days touring some mountains and waterfalls in Laos. We had a blast making many memories along the way.


Starting 🙂



The thousand island falls of Laos.


A volcanic lake in Cambodia. 

Photo Credits for the last group of Pictures go to either John or Ken Gingerich.

As good as it has been these past two months it is good to be settling back into normal life again…Until next time Luke for the Helmuths


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