There has been 4 holidays in the past two months…Thanksgiving, Water Festival, Christmas, and New Year.

Thanksgiving and the Water Festival were over the same time this year this made it nice for us because we could have off teaching English for both holidays at the same time. We had two days off for the two of them. For the water festival some of our family went down to the river to watch the boat races. We got started late so we only got there in time to watch the last race but it  was still fun watching all the people, especially the Khmer people. They had no idea that we could understand them. Most times they would just start counting. One, two, three… Six Children!! This was surprising for them, but it surprised them even  more when we told them that there was even more at home. Even though we only saw one race we still had a lot of fun.IMG_3333 Downsized

For Thanksgiving our youth group decided to do a supper for all the staff, and  a few other Khmer people. We spent most of the day setting up for it and getting food ready. While we didn’t have a totally american meal, it was still very delicious and we had a lot of fun with all our friends.



IMG_3413 Downsized

IMG_3417 Downsized

This December Lori was here for a week and a half. While it didn’t seem like we did that much with her it was a lot of fun having the whole family together for a while again. We had a lot of stuff going right over the time of Christmas.


Waiting for Lori.


Lori’s Here!!!


Catching up.

IMG_4155 Downsized

First came the school children’s Christmas program. They did an excellent job with all their singing and a play about Mr. Scrooge.

IMG_4211 Downsized

IMG_4206 Downsized

The Kindergartners.

IMG_4216 Downsized

Dallas as Scrooge. Deanna brought him Pizza and tried to cheer him up.

IMG_4227 Downsized

Scrooge in one of his dreams.


Christmas Eve we had a very good day that included a Christmas party one of the native families got together in the morning, swimming after lunch:), then our family gift exchange in the evening.

On Christmas day, all of the staff here got together for lunch. After lunch us youth tried to pull taffy. Simply put we made more memories than taffy:)

IMG_4485 Downsized

The taffy started out looking OK!

IMG_4487 Downsized

But something was wrong and soon it was just a sticky mess!

The Sunday evening after Christmas we had our annual Christmas party in the village. We spent the afternoon setting up, and making food. After the main part of the work was finished we had some time to relax before the party. After the party started there wasn’t time for relaxing any more it was rush rush rush until time to go home. We had a lot more people than we expected would come out. Nobody got a precise count but we know there was close to 250 people there. While having the party was exhausting, it was worth it for the opportunity to tell the Christmas story to so many people.

IMG_4755 Downsized

Starting the Chili soup.

IMG_6865 Downsized

Cutting up bread to eat with the soup.

IMG_6830 Downsized

Almost finished.

IMG_4762 Downsized

IMG_4767 Downsized



Part of the crowd. More people kept trickling in all evening.

IMG_4930 Downsized

One of our two English classes. Each class sang two songs.

IMG_5017 Downsized

Most of the people involved in the skit.

New Years Eve we got together for the evening and to watch the new year come in.

While it has been really busy the past while it doesn’t look like its going to slow down anytime soon, as there is company scheduled to be around from sometime in the next two weeks to the beginning of March. Not all of the company is for our family but it will keep things busy anyhow. One of the nice things  about having company come is that they can bring cards ect. along with them:) So if you wish to send us a card you can either send it to Matthew Millers who leave Ohio the 11th of January…If it doesn’t get there in time there are some youth that from the area that can probably bring it sometime in February. Their address is 7985 SPECHT RD
SUGARCREEK, OH 44681. Or you can send it to my Uncles who are coming the 11th of February their address is 22 Hickory Rd  Bonners Ferry, ID 83805. Thanks to those of you who got cards off in time for when Lori came. We enjoyed them.

IMG_4263 Downsized

This time of year there are some amazing sunsets.

IMG_4167 Downsized

IMG_4376 Edited

Well this will be all for now…Luke for the Helmuths

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