Here’s a little update on our furlough…
Because of Covid, it’s harder than normal to get home. You need proof of health insurance, and a signed copy of a negative Covid test, no older than 72 hours, and you need to put a two thousand dollar down payment to get in. If at the end of the 2 week quarantine, you are still negative, you get most of it back.

Our original tickets were for Friday,the 11th, but our flight from Hong Kong to Siem Reap got cancelled. We rescheduled for Tuesday, but there was almost no way we could get the tests back in time since it was over the weekend.
So then we rescheduled for Thursday, and early Tuesday morning, we went to get get tested. It was not the most enjoyable experience! I dread having to do it three more times! We spent the next day not having any idea what was going to happen! The suspense was horrible! We didn’t even know if we’d get the results back in time! Thankfully we did! However it’s not the results I was hoping for! Dad and Dallas were positive, thankfully they didn’t get very sick at all!
So now we don’t know when we’re going back! Right now all of us have to quarantine. And since we don’t have a place of our own, we are staying at an uncles house. We’ve been here for a week already and we hate to be imposing so long but there’s nothing we can do! We all wish we would have our own house! But it is what it is! I am very ready to be home, to not live out of a suitcase, to have a schedule, and live in a house of our own again!
So this last week we have been living with uncertainty of what tomorrow holds. The doctor told dad that some people test positive months after they are over it. We are just praying that that doesn’t happen! Your prayers would be very appreciated and are definitely needed as we go through this whole process!

Heather for the Helmuth’s

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  1. Hi there. Trish here. We met you in Siem reap. I’m back in Queensland at the moment. Hope you all recover quickly and can get back to Cambodia and hope to see you there again myself one day. As God wills it. Don’t know when we’ll be able to travel again. But praying for you and all the Cambodians that they don’t get too sick over there.

    • Hello Heather, this is your great uncle Richard Kauffman. Thanks for the update. IfI can do anything for you, please do not hesitate to ask. I posted your Chronicles on my FB page. Lots of people are praying for y’all.

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