Holiday Travels


Last week we did something that we had been wanting to do almost ever since we came. Last week was Khmer New Year so everybody had off, our interpreter, Sen, invited us to visit his homeland for his father’s house-warming party. So we decided to make a trip of it, and travel around Cambodia…


On Wednesday, we went to a town by the Mekong River, and on the way there we stopped and ate lunch with Steven and Angela (Kayla’s sister’s)family. The second day, we were going to go up north and  get a ferry and keep going on the other side of the river. We decided to go a couple miles out of the way to get to the Cambodia Laos border. From there it was about 45 minutes to the ferry, due the bumpy road it took twice as long as it should have. Once we got to the ferry, we realized that was only meant for moto’s and not big enough to fit the van… so we retraced our tracks all the way to the town we came from. Then we went to hotel about an hour away. The scenery there was gorgeous, it was mountainous and everything was green. I was very surprised how many mountains there were.


Sen’s family

We traveled around a bit more until Saturday, the day of the party. We arrived at Sen’s homeland around lunchtime. They made lunch for us, after sitting around for a while, we decided to go to the guest house and get cleaned up for the party. Since we are in Cambodia, you can’t have a party without LOUD music. It was loud enough that if you were in the house you could hear the metal vibrate. I, personally, was very happy to get back to our warm guest house (the air conditioners didn’t work). The next day was Sunday, we went to church with Sen’s family. We ate lunch with them, then we started back home. We were all glad to get home. Traveling is always fun, but in the end, There’s no place like home                                                                                                                                                       Until next time,  Heather for the helmuths

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