Counting the Days

Well, the last while has been pretty much just the normal. The Ryan and Austin go drilling. I teach English. Dad, Dallas, and Forrest either work with well team or on some of the agricultural projects we have started. Mom and the girls usually have plenty to do around the house. There has been an added excitement though, Counting the Days…For the last month at least almost daily we hear how many days it is until we leave on furlough. We are looking forward to seeing at least some of you while we are in the states. 🙂

Several weeks ago Dallas found some squirrels in a nest that had a lot of ants in it, so he took them down and has been feeding them by hand since then. For a while it was feed them and then they sleep. Then it got to the point that they would play a bit, but now it’s hard to keep track of them. They can jump out of their box and love running around. Dallas is working on a cage for them today so they don’t get away…20170607_202850

We found a little tractor for a really good price the other day, so Dad bought it. It came with a little tiller so that will be very nice. We also made a hitch so that we can pull a little trailer with it. It has come in very handy so far. Forrest was on cloud nine when Dad asked him if he wanted to drive it. It has a clutch so it’s still a little difficult for him, but he loves driving.IMG_6256

Last Friday all of ALAM Staff got together for supper. Before supper we had a lot of fun; there was some tractor rides for the children, somebody got a soccer game going, and there was a lot of talking and laughing. Chhom grilled some pork for supper (it was delicious and there was plenty of it).




Tractor Rides:)




Friday was also my last day of teaching for a while. Micheal and Chandra nicely let me have 2 days off to get some things done (like writing the blog) before I leave for Canada. I head out tomorrow (Wednesday) along with Ryan and Austin. We are going to serve at the summer camp where Lori is in conjunction with our furlough. We will be there in Canada for 7 weeks before heading down to the states.

Next week on Tuesday the rest of them head for States. They will be somewhere in the US (it’s hard telling where exactly, cause it sounds hectic) until we are finished with camp then they’ll drive up to Canada to pick us boys up.

Here’s a little story that happened a while ago that I thought yall might enjoy. So I had taken Alaina to the market on the moto, and she was asking question after question. If i didn’t answer right away she yell my name to try to get my attention again, which would shift from her to the traffic . We finally got to the market and got what we wanted. When we started coming back it was the same story except this time she started wiggling yet too. She’s big enough when she wiggles it leans the moto a bit which makes it turn. This was fine for a bit, but soon we got into thicker traffic. So I told her, “Alaina you have to hold still. You are going to make us have an accident.” She says, “OK.” Paused to think, then, “But I don’t have to hold my mouth still.” and kept asking questions the rest of the way home.

And here are a few pics I really like…


I’ve only seen this kind of butterfly twice… It’s a Five-Barred Swordtail Butterfly.


Well that’s it for now…

Luke for the Helmuths


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