christmas cards or pictures

Hey, we have some friends coming over next week, so if any of you have some extra Christmas cards you want us to have =), send them to

Phil Yoders,

5162  Hwy. 48 N.

Cumberland Furnace, Tn.   37051

asap! They are leaving the 1st or 2nd of Feb. We would love to have your picture on our wall! =)

Melody for the Helmuths

1 thought on “christmas cards or pictures

  1. Thanks, Melody, for letting me know!  Our pictures aren’t Christmas pictures, but after Christmas letter and picture!  I was about ready to send a form letter and amateur picture of the four of us when Karen arranged for a family picture of our whole family.  I decided to wait on that, but I don’t have them yet.  I will need to decide if I’ll send what I have, or wait in hopes that the others will be here in time to send with Phil and Marietta.  I’m so glad that they can come see you! Irene

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